Notes to the Text

There are notes and notes, of course: notes to oneself and notes to others; notes taken, made, jotted, and passed. Mash, doctor’s, suicide, and condolence notes. Field, class, and case notes; notes for general circulation; foot and head notes, notes of hand. But it’s the bookish notes that academics care most about, the ones that intervene between the things we read and the things we write.” — Geoffrey Nunberg

© Céline Chuang

Reading, despite what Saint Augustine might have to say about it, is fundamentally social: the most valuable texts are shared texts. Thanks to digitization, collaborative composition (long standard in printed works) now includes “feedback and contribution from readers” in both wiki and blog formats (Blair 172). On that note, I would like to acknowledge my annotators, whose digital marginalia contributed to the creation of this material text.





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